To-do reminder date/time picker inline in mobile app

Is it possible to make the reminder setting when creating a to-do in the mobile app directly visible? Right now on my Android phone it’s in the overflow menu which is functional but it would be wonderful if the reminder date/time could be selected without going to a menu similar to the way that it is in the Desktop application. This would reduce the UX friction when creating a to-do with a reminder (Almost all of my to-dos have reminders. Those that don’t need reminders are usually embedded in a note with additional context.)

Joplin is a wonderful app that I use every day. Thank you for creating it.

it depends on each of us, almost all my todo do not have any reminder.
But when you do “new todo”, first of all, you set a title then save then select “set alarm”
What do you propose ?

Here's what I'm thinking.

Desktop Example
Instead of a button, saying "Set alarm" why not use the same icon but place the date and time picker in the form right there. I'm not sure I see the advantage to place it in a dialog,

Mobile Example
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Same thing on mobile. Why not place the reminder directly under the Todo name section? That would be a much smoother UX for those of us who regularly use reminders.

Thanks for the quick response. :slight_smile:

I see, maybe something like that or that

on the other hand, I’d be interested to see a field “tags” instead of a button too like this one

thus we have all the info at first glance.

Yeah that would be great. If you’re using Vue, I’ve used ElementUI to great effect.

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