Using both portable and desktop versions?

Currently using:
Joplin 2.10.19 (prod, win32)

Can I have both portable and installed using the same profile (copied from the desktop) but actually ran on different systems and sync target as dropbox?

Or can't I copy the profile to the portable without causing problems? Seems like this should work but thought I would ask here first as I don't want to risk resycing everything again (database a bit on the large side lol)

you are be able to use Joplin windows, Joplin iOS, Joplin Android, Joplin portable etc. on as many devices as you want. As long as you sync the recommended way with you sync target.

i’m not using different profiles to myself, but I never have read here, that using the same profile on more than one device would stop Joplin from doing what it should do. in fact, I would be very surprised, because it would kill the main usecase of having a synced note app.

Well, as I said, I was looking to copy my current default profile from windows desktop to the portable version to use on say a USB stick and thereby avoid the long sync time. And use it with another computer, BUT only if it didn't mess up syncing etc with my current devices and profiles.

In the end I tried it last night (backed everything up first), and it WORKED. Copied my current profile from the Windows desktop (same version) to the profile folder that resided with the portable version. Fired it up, it did ask for my encryption password. Gave that and all is well. Syncing up fine and not causing issues with the other devices.

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