User-friendly Functionalities

I started using Joplin and loved it. As a user, I wish to add a few functionalities which will make the desktop application more user-friendly.

I was thinking of letting the users know where to write the name of their new note. The not is given a default title 'untitled'. I was thinking of adding functionalities such as the name of the note can't remain empty and also highlight the area where the user can give names to their notes.
May I work on this?

Hmm no I'm not certain we need this, as I don't think it's confusing as it is now.

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Sir, When I was using the application. It took me a while to figure things out like where the title of the note is. I was thinking of highlighting the input area for writing the title of the note and also having an option that enables us to add a rename option to the title. It's just a suggestion.

You can certainly rename a note right now.

Ohh, I might have missed that then. But how about highlighting the input-area for the title of the note?

I don't recall seeing any posts on this forum (other than yours) or on the Joplin subreddit where users were confused as to where to enter the title of a new note, or where to rename the title of an existing note.

Perhaps you can search and find examples that demonstrate that the current implementation as it relates to note title is not user friendly?

Okay sure sir, Maybe it was only me. Thanks for the help though.

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