[feature removal request] note titles, welcome screen, multi option create note button, save button (for new notes)

The initial excitement quickly vanished after experiencing joplin in detail.

So when one opens joplin to quickly make a note, one first sees a blank screen for 3 seconds (white, super nice at night. surely RN to blame) then a welcome screen with nothing on it.
One wants to start typing asap but tapping on the + button won;t do, you have to select one of the 3 options; New to-do, New note, New notebook.
So tap again on New note. Finally you can start typing… wait, not yet, you can start to type the note’s title, but you have to tap again on the next field to finally be able to type your note.
Now you are done, just hit back to have it saved and go back to note list *. No… You have not tapped on the save button so a menu will prompt allowing you to; Save changes, Discard changes, Cancel.
Save changes. What happens now? where is the note? Well the note is nowhere because before starting to create a note you had to select a notebook from the side panel. So select a notebook and repeat the process.

My current notes app is MPE.
I tried many notes apps before MPE. The first time I used it, it felt lacking. But then I started to appreciate how it simplified the simple task of creating a note.
I suggest taking it as example.
The thing that first felt wrong about MPE is that notes do not have titles. But then you realize that notes as such should not have titles. A note is a single data field. You can use spacing (or bold or other markdown elements available on joplin) to highlight text that could do as title, but always within a single field.
Then there is the snappiness in all of the few things it does; Quick to launch. Big straight to create note button. Note is saved automatically on exit (here i must say that it sometimes makes sense to confirm edits, but it is always redundant to confirm saving a note that has never been saved before). And last but not least the quick and handy way to open notes within the notes lists (which unfortunately cannot be replicated on joplin because MPE is a plain text only notes app)

In any case, Joplin is great and I don;t want to come off as unappreciative. I will stay with joplin because it’s opensource and has proper timestamps. I wish I could have the time to work on a native client…