Efficiency obstructions & improvement suggestions


Thank you very much for Joplin!

I am not a coding guy, but as a user, I came across few “hiccups” while using Joplin app. I hope these notes will help, in a way or another, in the developing of Joplin.

Using Joplin app on iPhone:

1- When I select an existing note from the list on the left, I will be taken to that note, but it will be in a mode that I can not edit its text (just like an image). In order to be able to write/edit my note, I’ll have to select the pencil below. And even then, the note would appear un-formatted.

2- When selecting a “New Notebook,” to create a new one, I will be taken to the blue header page to name the new note, however if you do not select the disk picture (save) in the top, you will lose that new notebook you just named. It would be helpful if the new note title saved automatically. It will also be more clear and simple to stay in the white page (left) and name your new note there without the need to be transferred to a new page.

3- When I select “All notes” on the left, Joplin will not show the notes without contents whereas I expect it will show everything including ones I created (named) but have not wrote their contents yet.

4- But why Joplin takes me to a next page (the blue header page) to show me the title of the note again when they are already in the left menu? The information is already present on the white page menu on the left. The process would be more simple if Joplin takes me directly to the (editable) note I just selected from the left list.

5- I select to create a new note, Joplin takes me to the blue header page to name it; why do I need to select the red circle down to start writing my note? It would be faster and more simple to be able to write my note immediately

It would be faster to be able to write your text immediately underneath the note title you just created. We need the red circle to choose between a note or a to-do list? Maybe we can make the default as a note and a to-do by selection.

6- It would be nice if there will be differences in the font to identify the main “Notebooks” and note titles when you open your note (bold and regular will do very good).

7- I thought I would be able to create a new notebook (not just a note) when I select the “New Notebooks” below, but I could not. Why then the button below says “New Notebooks” where it should say “New Note”? Also I think there will be no need perhaps for the “Notebooks” header just beneath the “All notes”?

8- After typing in a lot of important content in one of my notes, I accidently deleted the whole text; I almost panicked when I found no “Undo” choice! Luckily, it was copied to the clipboard and I was able to paste it again (this time in my iPhone Note app because I was afraid I’d lose it otherwise.

9- I can not create a sub-note in the iPhone app but I can in the desktop version. Adding this to the app would be helpful.

Thank you all very much for your time!