User Data too large on Android

User Data is huge, currently sitting at about 900 MB for me. This would be acceptable if I had lots of multimedia in my notes. However, I only have more or less 50 notes which are mostly unformatted text. I have only a handful of notes with an image or basic markdown formatting like bullet lists.

What is the reason behind this? It's abnormally large as I'm not logged in with any accounts / haven't set up sync. I'm using Joplin completely offline.

Joplin 2.4.3 on Android 10.

Just a guess, but it could be your note history, assuming that it's enabled, of course, and the 50 notes are older notes that have gone through many changes over time.

Could be logs. You could export your profile and maybe you'd be able to see what takes up the space.

It was apparently enabled but I just disabled it, yet nothing has changed. I've been using the app only for a few months.

Just exported my profile and the exported folder takes up about 25 MB of space. Something's wrong here.

If you have root on your device you could check with any file explorer. Otherwise, I'm not sure, it may be possible to check using ADB.

If you've got root access, you can check the /data/data/net.cozic.joplin folder.

You can also pull the files with ADB and check them on your computer, but you still need root access to do it, e.g.

adb root
adb pull /data/data/net.cozic.joplin

The BrowserMetrics directory is responsible for 97% of the total size. Is this possibly a bug in the WebView installed on my phone?


What phone do you have? Maybe this bug? WebView produces a lot of garbage in cache (#2820) · Issues · LineageOS / issues / android · GitLab

I cleared the BrowserMetrics directory and manually updated the System Webview. I'll test it for a few days to see if it produces the same junk again.

It worked.

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