First couple weeks with Joplin: an assessment

So far so, good, but I still need to stick to Evernote, sadly. I have several notes that failed to sync in Android, and that feels scary. They exist on the Desktop, which is good, but defeats the purpose of a note-keeping applicaction. I haven’t had that issue with Evernote (which has merely destroyed the formatting of all the web-clipper captured notes I had following one of the updates).
The lack of pen support is also a pity.
I will keep trying it out, I think it can become a contender. I love the support for Markdown, the fact that importing from Evernote works so well, and the way it seems to be headed, and the fact that it keeps getting better. The key issue for me is the slow, unreliable sync. I’m using OneDrive.
What could be done to improve this? Another storage system?
Also, why is the Android app so huge? 387MB (in my case)? Wow.

Have you read the Known bugs section?

  • Resources larger than 10 MB are not currently supported on mobile. They will crash the application so it is recommended not to attach such resources at the moment. The issue is being looked at.
  • Non-alphabetical characters such as Chinese or Arabic might create glitches in the terminal on Windows. This is a limitation of the current Windows console.
  • It is only possible to upload files of up to 4MB to OneDrive due to a limitation of the API being currently used. There is currently no plan to support OneDrive “large file” API.

The first item is an upstream issue as far as I know. The 3rd one is an API issue of OneDrive, so basically also an upstream issue.

The Android app has not more than 25MB, but Android counts app data towards the size in the overview. But you should see the breakdown under Apps & notifications -> Joplin -> Storage. You will see the App size, user data, cache, and total.

The following is my personal opinion:

While I do understand that the 10MB limit on mobile is a pain in the neck, this is a note taking application. If people want to store hundreds of MBs of binary data, they will have to look into content management systems (IBM Content Manager, Microsoft Sharepoint, Lotus Notus, …).
I also understand that it is necessary to sometimes attach a rather big file, but this should not be the main use case for this app. Using Joplin as a content manager is a bad idea, because it is not a content manager, but a note taking application. There are tons of apps available that allow you to dump all sorts of files and data into them. With luck some of it might get indexed, but they are usually not cross-platform, not free, and require a service like iCloud, Google Drive, or use their own cloud storage.

So, if you want to have a cross-platform note-taking application that is free and allows you to use your own cloud storage (and even a few others), Joplin is the way to go - and if you think about it - the only choice.


Regarding the notes that didn’t sync on Android, did you get any error message?

But basically @tessus is right - even if the 10mb issue is fixed, the app should not really be used for syncing large files. Otherwise we’d need to implement things like upload/download managers with resume support and so on, which is out of scope.

Even Evernote has a limit, which if I remember well is 25MB max.