Use Markdown link to go accross notebooks

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Joplin 2.9.17 (prod, win32)

Client ID: ce1afa54ea10482a840230c1439b9902
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 41
Keychain Supported: Yes

Revision: a84a8e7

Windows 11

Basically I want to know if it possible to use Markdown links across Notebooks?
It seems that this option only allows to use this link while inside the same notebook not to a different one.

@Zumo welcome to the forum.


No. A target note's markdown link will take you to the target note regardless of what notebook the note with the originating markdown link is in.


If you look on the left you will see that as I follow the markdown links for the two notes the notebook changes. (The gif has been recorded using a pre-release of Joplin but the same happens with v2.9.17)


Hello dpoulton thank you for that.

I didn't explain myself properly, accept my apologies.

What I meant was I have 2 different notebooks and in each one of them I have a note.
Is there a way to get a link to the note in the other notebook?

That is exactly what is happening in the animation.


Or by "Notebook" do you mean that you have set up more than one Profile in Joplin?

I Right clicked on the note and copy markdown link. After I've created a link and I got this error.

I cannot duplicate that on Win11 with Joplin v2.9.17.

Can I confirm that you got the link by using this menu and option?


The Markdown Link you copied, what does it look like?

It should be in this format:

[Note Title](:/5a2f42a35ec446c2b3c3e73a70786583)

yes I can confirm.



another weird thing that I noticed is that when I Ctrl+ Right mouse button to go to the link it change the URL.


Don't use the "Insert/Edit Link" function. That is for adding URLs, as in Internet addresses. Just paste the Markdown code [ESXi](:/e603a28fee5046a1a85716ce7d49afa3) directly into the note.

There also appears to be a bug. When using the Rich-Text editor you have to paste the Markdown Link into the note using CTRL+V. If you right-click the note and select Paste the code is "escaped" i.e automatically modified to not display as a link.

ok, it worked only once, when I clicked the second it does nothing :confused:

<div>Troubleshooting <a data-from-md="" data-resource-id="e603a28fee5046a1a85716ce7d49afa3" href="joplin://e603a28fee5046a1a85716ce7d49afa3">ESXi</a></div>

Let me correct that it only works when you have the editors option opened.

In the Rich-Text editor, hold down CTRL when you click the link.

that part I know :rofl:

Problem is that it is working the first time you click it the second time it doesn't.

If I toggle to the editors option all is well :confused:

I cannot reproduce that. The Markdown Link works for me every time, in both the Rich-Text and the Markdown editors.

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