Use case untagged plugin

I came across the untagged plugin repeatedly, but I have no real clue, what it‘s use case might be. Is it to tag all untagged notes to count them? Or to identify them easily to then tag them as a kind of structuring task? Both seems unlikely to me, as the plugin needs some effort to be implemented smootjly into Joplin.
Please help me out here :slight_smile:

Hi @Winvan,

I don't quite understand what you would mean.
I use the plugin to find and mark notes without a keyword, the same way I mark my photos and documents as much as possible.
It seems to me the best method to organize digital stuff, mainly when we have more and more data to manage.

OK, thank you, I didn’t expect that. For me it doesn’t make a difference whether a note is marked as untagged or just without a tag. I use tagging, but obviously not in the same intense way you and others do it!