Feature Request: No Tags Tag


is it possible to show an “empty tag” tag in the tag list?
e.g. “no tags (3)”
All notes without any tag should be counted.

By selecting this empty tag, all notes without should be shown in the note list.

Thanks Marvin


I fixed the title so that others interested in this can find it more easily, but good idea. Thanks for sharing. :smile:

would be great as it improves housekeeping

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I think so, too.
Sorry for the late answer, but was not often in the forum the last weeks.

That’s fine. I think this will be a great feature, let’s see if devs around will welcome this.

I’d like to see function for my “work” with Joplin.
Unfortunately I’m not a programmer, I hope someone from the devs can pick up this idea.

I submitted a pull request for this feature: https://github.com/laurent22/joplin/pull/3640


@rempelj Is it possible to realize this with a plugin?

Unless you really need notes without tags to be counted in a "pseudo-tag" you can just use the filter -tag:* which places all notes without tags in the note list.

@dpoulton Thanks! Good to know. I only need this to find open notes without any tags. With your answer I will find them.