URLs in footnotes are not recognized

If you type an URL in a footnote, it is not rendered as link but as plain text.

Example^[this is another example https://discourse.joplinapp.org/]

Joplin on Windows version 1.0.159

This is not a bug.

We are using the module markdown-it-footnote. I’ve just ran a test with the standalone module and your example.
This is the HTML it renders:

<p>Example<sup class="footnote-ref"><a href="#fn1" id="fnref1">[1]</a></sup></p>
<hr class="footnotes-sep">
<section class="footnotes">
<ol class="footnotes-list">
<li id="fn1" class="footnote-item"><p>this is another example https://discourse.joplinapp.org/ <a href="#fnref1" class="footnote-backref">↩︎</a></p>

You will have to open a bug report with them, but I seriously doubt they will add the feature of parsing links and convert them to clickable links.

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Ok. Thanks. I’ll do it.

I opened the issue https://github.com/markdown-it/markdown-it-footnote/issues/33

I also notice that the bug affects only inline footnotes and not longnotes

Great, as soon as they have fixed it, we can update the module and all should be fine in Joplin.


Now could you run a test on your own and update the module in the next Joplin version?

Awesome, just waiting for a new release.