Updated laptop after 6 months and now troubles

Java V7 Update 79
Win 10

I restored my laptop and updated Joplin, which then sync'd (I have set to manual) and I have duplicates of everything.
I deleted everything, then imported a backup that I'd just made from my desktop and still duplicates.
The I deleted everything on the server and copied over everything on the desktop to it.
So now all three: Desktop/server/laptop have the same data directory - BUT, BUT the laptop insists on duplicating/triplicating everything.
Can NOT figure this out.
Should I delete everything on the laptop and THEN sync?

Starting again is probably the best bet? Something sounds weird there.
I would backup your laptop (both copy your .config\joplin-desktop folder as well as creating a full JEX backup. (Probably worth doing the same to one of your other instances too in case something unintended happens to the sync target).

Then either:

Re-download from sync target

  • Tools > Options > synchronisation > Advanced settings > Delete local data and re-download from sync target


Start over with a good JEX

  • Take a JEX backup from your other Joplin Desktop instance.
  • Delete or move your profile directory (that you definitely backed up) then run Joplin (which should now be blank), import the JEX then connect back to the sync target.

Just make sure you have backups upon backups of everything before doing anything.

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In addition to what Daeraxa said, I think that when you restore from a Jex backup, the notes restored aren't identical to the original notes, because they have a different note id. So if you restore a backup to the laptop, the notes restored will duplicate the notes synchronized from the server.

Firstly thank yo very much for responding so quickly and succinctly.
I seem to have narrowed down the problem, as these 2 options work, but then a sync dup's everything. i have been coping over everything from my Desktop - the "main data", but I just realized IT has dup's (didn't 2 days ago).
IF I delete the dups, then create a backup (jex) - the backup is okay (when pulled into the laptop), but if I delete all that is on the server and copy over the Desktop's data, and re-sync every device they end up back to dup's.
SOOO, how do I delete them in the Desktop program, and have THAT reflect in my data file, so I could then copy that to the server and be ok - I think.
This make sense?.

I'm not sure I'm 100% with you but if essentially you want to start over from a single good JEX then you could run the Joplin Victor plugin which will kill everything except note revisions (read the description). Your sync target would in theory then be clean, you would also need to make sure your other clients are also clean.
Then just import the good JEX and sync.

That sounds like the way to go.

  1. So run it on all devices,
  2. Then import jex backup
  3. sync each device which will populate the server and ?

Yeah, let one sync fully then let the other devices download and you should have it all cleared up.

Used the plug-in for both Desktop/laptop.
Imported backup on Desktop and sync'd (the stats are REALLY misleading).
Sync'd the laptop and all seems well - haven't done the 'Droid Tablet yet though.

Is there any explanation for what happened? I was only updating a device that hadn't been updated in 6 months.

When you import a backup or startup the program, when the sync is on manual, it SHOULD never update - correct? I ask this - even though it's obvious because the laptop does anyways and I'm wondering if I missed something else.

No, it still syncs on startup + on content changes, it just doesnt perform a full "get" type sync on a schedule, only pushes. Setting to target = disabled will prevent it entirely

Where is that setting?
Probably blew right by it.
BTW a REALLY BIG thanks for taking the time to get me through this!

No problem at all. It is Tools > Options > Synchronisation target (none). If you change it then it should still retain the settings you configured on a different sync target for when you swap it back.

Don't see it.
I've tools|options|synchronisation| ... not that option. V2.5.12

It should have it, my Windows client is still on an older 2.5.4:


Yeah I missed it - if I change that I would have to change it back and setup the webdav server in order TO sync.
You're speaking of simply "no sync"?

Unfortunately yes, in order to sync you would need to re-select your sync target (although as I mentioned the settings should still be saved so you don't need to put in the details of your target again).

Most of my knowledge of this part comes from this github issue so the reasons behind this behaviour aren't something I know about, just describing the only real method I know of to prevent a sync of any kind unless you want it to.

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