Unknown profile version in joplin CLI

In Fedora 28,
I’m having issues trying to use joplin CLI version.
I keep getting:

Error: Unknown profile version. Most likely this is an old version of Joplin, while the profile was created by a newer version. Please upgrade Joplin at https://joplin.cozic.net and try again.
    at JoplinDatabase.upgradeDatabase (/home/jesus/Apps/joplin-cli/lib/node_modules/joplin/lib/joplin-database.js:272:38)
    at JoplinDatabase.initialize (/home/jesus/Apps/joplin-cli/lib/node_modules/joplin/lib/joplin-database.js:533:33)
    at <anonymous>
    at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:188:7)

Despite uninstalling joplin CLI and installing again.
I checked log-database.txt and see:
2019-02-09 23:30:02: "Current database version", "18"
i.e. the database version is 18,
BUT when I look into lib/node_modules/joplin/lib/joplin-database.js I see the database version reaches only 17. I guess the CLI version available in npm is lagging behind, and this is giving me some issues.
Any ideas on how to fix this? Any way to install the latest CLI version from Github rather than through npm?

It means at some point you installed a version with db 18, so can’t you install it again?

This happened to me as well. Bad thing is, I can’t recall if it was before or after I’ve opened the profile with the current test release (the one with usability changes).

What I did was, I edited some files in the Windows Desktop app. Close Joplin, launched WSL and wanted to export my notes into a git repo folder. Then I got that CLI error. Tried updating but no luck.

So you mean you’ve use the cli app with the --profile options pointing to your desktop profile? Like this joplin --profile ~/.config/joplin-desktop/database.sqlite?

Just trying to understand if this is an actual bug or simply using the app with the wrong profile.

In my own case, I was doing a weird experimental setup where both desktop and CLI clients shared the same database.sqlite via a symlink. Most likely this provoked the conflict, so I’d say no worries from my side (it’s fixed for now).

@laurent, yes.

My command was:

joplin --profile /mnt/c/Users/Me/.config/joplin-desktop --log-level debug export --format raw /mnt/e/joplin-backup/

That’s it. (And I made sure no other app instance is using the profile at the same time.)

Ok I see, this is because the CLI and the desktop app don’t necessarily use the same database version. This is because I might first release the desktop app, then later the CLI one. So when you try to access the new db format, with the CLI app, which doesn’t know (yet) this format, it throws an error.

I’ll make this error message a bit clearer since it seems to show up quite often.

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Okay, thanks! I'll just wait for the CLI release, then. :slight_smile: