Joplin CLI and Desktop version Incompatibility

OS: Manjaro (20.0.3)
Desktop App Version: 1.0.224
CLI Version: 1.0.164

I have installed the desktop version using:

wget -O - | bash

and the CLI version with

NPM_CONFIG_PREFIX=~/.joplin-bin npm install -g joplin
sudo ln -s ~/.joplin-bin/bin/joplin /usr/bin/joplin

And while launch the joplin from CLI, I get,

~ >>> joplin --profile ~/.config/joplin-desktop                                                                                                                                                            
Fatal error:
Error: Unknown profile version. Most likely this is an old version of Joplin, while the profile was created by a newer version. Please upgrade Joplin at and try again.
Joplin version: 1.0.164
Profile version: 30
Expected version: 29
    at JoplinDatabase.upgradeDatabase (/home/syzygianinfern0/.joplin-bin/lib/node_modules/joplin/lib/joplin-database.js:324:10)
    at JoplinDatabase.initialize (/home/syzygianinfern0/.joplin-bin/lib/node_modules/joplin/lib/joplin-database.js:746:33)
    at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:97:5)
    at async Application.start (/home/syzygianinfern0/.joplin-bin/lib/node_modules/joplin/lib/BaseApplication.js:648:3)
    at async Application.start (/home/syzygianinfern0/.joplin-bin/lib/node_modules/joplin/app.js:386:10)

How do I update the CLI version? I have run these two commands afresh today.

Looks like this question was asked last year in this similar post

It’s not exactly helpful but @laurent does state that,

Ok I see, this is because the CLI and the desktop app don’t necessarily use the same database version. This is because I might first release the desktop app, then later the CLI one. So when you try to access the new db format, with the CLI app, which doesn’t know (yet) this format, it throws an error.

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Yeah. Seems to be a similar issue. So just waiting for the CLI release is the way to go. Thank you for pointing that out!

Just a reminder that this --profile flag is not supported, and using it can cause data corruption.

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So, what would the way to do it be?