Joplin app and cli version difference


I am using Joplin app version v2.9.17 and cli version 2.10.3. I recently moved my data to a different laptop and found that my Joplin app has stopped working.

I figured out the problem. It is different version between the app and cli. Joplin app is unable to open the profile data because it seems CLI has upgraded profile to newer version. This is the error that I see:

Joplin version: 2.9.17
Profile version: 42
Expected version: 41

I download Joplin app from latest release version from Github and I download CLI using brew. I am trying to understand, how to not land into this problem going forward. Unfortunately, the latest stable version for app is 2.9.17 and for cli, it is 2.10.3. Ideally, both the app and cli should have the same latest stable version.

How do I solve this problem in future?


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I don't think that it is normally a problem. It's very unusual for there to be such a gap between full releases. If anything, in the past it has taken a little while for the cli version to catch up. However it seems that the owner of this project does not have enough hours in the day at the moment and so a 2.10.x desktop version has not yet been classed as a full release.


As I was typing this a new post appeared so it looks like a v2.10.x is now in the process of being classed as a full release.

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