Uninstall COMPLETELY: 1. MacOS and 2. Linux Mint

Hi, first of all, I LOVE what you’re doing with Joplin. Keep it up!

However, I am a dummy and messed things up a bit and would like to start over COMPLETELY from a clean slate.

When I drag and drop the Joplin app in the trash, it uninstalls the app.
However, when I install the app again, all of my previous settings are still there.
How do I COMPLETELY uninstall everything, including those old settings?

Linux Mint
I am a noob with linux. How do I uninstall Joplin?

Thanks so much!

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Hi, and welcome here. To remove your profile completely, you need to delete ~/.config/joplin-desktop


I’m not sure if uninstall will remove ~/.config/Joplin (note: capital J). If not, this need to be removed as well.

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