Uninstall on Linux Ubuntu


Thank you for maintaining this great app. I’m migrating from Evernote and syncing to Nextcloud, I messed up somehow in the process and I’d like to uninstall and go for a fresh start.

I installed Joplin with command ‘wget -O - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/laurent22/joplin/master/Joplin_install_and_update.sh | bash’ following instructions in https://joplinapp.org/. I’ve seen advice elsewhere in the forum to remove directory ~/.config/joplin-desktop but in the terminal I get below error when using ‘sudo apt-get remove ~/.config/joplin-desktop’

E: Unsupported file ~/.config/joplin-desktop given on command line.

Can you please advise what I’m doing wrong or whether there’re alternative ways to uninstall the app on Linux Ubuntu?

Many thanks


I don’t think you need to use apt to remove the folder, just delete it or rename it.

Thanks for your answer. I’m new to Linux, sorry if the question is dumb but where do I find the folder? I tried searching the path in the Files app but it’s not there. Also will removing the folder ‘uninstall’ the app from the system? I guess what I’m after is similar functionality to ‘uninstalling’ apps/software in Windows environment. Cheers

Your data and settings are stored in ~/.config/.joplin where ~ is your home directory eg /home/rubialesuk. In Nautilus, you may need to turn on Show Hidden files option to see it.

The program itself is in ~/.joplin.

Delete them both for complete uninstall. Or just the ~/.config/.joplin for a fresh start without having to do a re-install.

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That did it thank you! I removed the directories, rebooted the system and the app was gone.