Question reg. Deinstallation under Linux

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yesterday I inadvertently managed to crash Joplin by webclipping a html page that was apparently too big (40 mb); Joplin stayed in Sync-Mode without actually syncing anything or responding to any GUI interactions. I then stopped the processes, restarted Joplin, but it continued exactly where it had left off (without responding to any input).

I again stopped all processes and then uninstalled and reinstalled Joplin, but it again picked up exactly where it had been killed.

So apparently deinstalling Joplin only removes the application itself, not the settings or profiles in .var or .config. Is this a bug or a feature? How do I reset a Joplin that's run amok?

I had to install a timeshift backup to properly reinstall it, which solved the problem but seems a bit severe.

Any suggestions?


Joplin 2.4.12 (prod, linux)

Client-ID: 3708fbfebb3646c787c57619e7200257
Sync-Version: 3
Profil-Version: 39
Unterst├╝tzter Schl├╝sselbund: Nein

You need to delete the profile in ~/.config/joplin-desktop

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On Linux especially, most applications keep their application runtime data and configuration around after you remove them via traditional package managers (e.g, apt). You have to pass specific flags to remove their configuation and I'm not sure the package managers would ever touch content in $HOME where most runtime data would live.

Some examples such as Snap change the paradigm to a more mobile approach, where the application data is removed along with the application itself.

Which you prefer would probably be a matter of preference and expectations then. For snap for example, it actually makes a backup of the application data for a month before wiping it fully to prevent it being lost incase people weren't expecting the latter behaviour. Not cleaning yourself up is definitely more conservative about data loss.

Regardless, Joplin's an AppImage, so there's no real uninstallation to begin with and no standards there.

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Thanks for the quick replies; I wasn't aware that Linux handled applications this way; coming from OSX or W10 I was expecting a similar behaviour; so thanks for setting me straight.

So the next time I'll have to do something like this this I'll take the .config-folder into account.

Of course, I hope this will not occur again, so I'm wondering: is there a size limit on what I could reasonably pipe to Joplin using the webclipper? Or was I just too impatient (15 minutes of no discernible progress led mit to assume Joplin had hung itself up).

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