Unable to synchronize via any device

Using Joplin on Windows 10 22H2:
Joplin 2.10.18 (prod, win32)
Client ID: 08acad8bc45f4879849c084aa9c85723
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 42
Keychain Supported: Yes
Revision: c67f5fa

I am currently unable to synchronize my notes on any device I am using: Laptop, iPhone, iPad. Usually happens with ease by tapping on "Synchronise". WiFi connection fine for every other PC/phone/ipad function (browser, email client, etc.).

This error message appears in Joplin side panel above "Synchronise" button:
Completed: 05/12/2023 9:52 AM (22s)
Last error: Error: Error 502 Bad Gateway: 502 Bad Gateway

502 Bad Gateway

nginx/1.18.0 (Ubuntu)

Whose gateway is the problem? Joplin's? What should I do?

I'm seeing the same problem. Looks like the Joplin Cloud server is down. Even going to https://joplincloud.com/ via a web browser shows the same error message:

502 Bad Gateway
nginx/1.18.0 (Ubuntu)

OK. Problem just went away. Anyone know the cause or location?

Hello, sorry for the trouble, Joplin Cloud was down for maintenance for a short time, but it should work again now. Please try synchronising again and let me know if you notice any other issue.

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Thank you for the timely update.

Love this program.

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