Joplin Cloud synch problem?

Both iOS Joplin 12.12.2 and Windows Joplin Portable 12.12.15 give an Error 502 Bad Gateway after very long time synch spinner.

Now getting an Error 500 Internal Server Error

Been working flawlessly for months

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Yes sorry about this, there's an issue with the database at the moment. I'm provisioning more resources to get it working again but it may take an hour or so, and in the meantime some requests might fail (but they will be repeated once the service is up)

Thanks for the quick reply and thanks for the rock solid synching for months with Joplin Cloud, will leave Joplin alone till you‘ve fixed it

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Is there a "status page" somewhere we could check to see if the service has issues like this one? I haven't seen one on the home page. Thanks!

It's up again and everything looks good so far. I'll keep on eye on it anyway and will post here if there's any change

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Now we do! Joplin Status


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