Sync with OneDrive doesn't work

Hi to all! I’m using Joplin but I’m having troubles with onedrive if I try to sync the notes.
When I istalled Joplin on my Win 10 machine I decided to use OneDrive to sync the notes with an android phone, and everything worked perfectly. After I while I unistalled Joplin and removed the “app” folder from OneDrive. When I tried to reinstall Joplin I found that all my notes were still there, but when I installed again Joplin on my phone, and selected OneDrive as sync method, the sync doesn’t work anymore. I have tried to unistall and reinstall, without success. At the moment I’m using dropbox to sync and it seems that all is fine, but I prefere to use only one service (and my main service is OneDrive). How is it possible to resolve this issue?
Thanks in advance

What does this mean? Was a new app folder created and do you see files in it?
Before you try anything else make sure you have a backup of your notes (export them into a JEX file).

Hi, sorry if I answer late. Yes, a new app folder is created and I see files in it. But the notes don’t sync between PC and android phone.

If your PC syncs with OneDrive then you could reinstall and reconnect the Android app. But after your experiments with Dropbox it is not sure to what service you sync your notes. At your place I would probably wipe out Joplin on the PC too and reconfigure everything (connect PC to OneDrive, restore backup, connect phone).

Thanks for the reply. I’ve tried several times to wipe Joplin nad reinstall, but it didn’t worked. Is there a way to effectively completely wipe Joplin from the system?

Stop Joplin and delete the Joplin folder in %appdata%.

Edit: This may be the wrong folder. This moment found out that last time I had such problems I deleted joplin-desktop in %userprofile%\.config. Sorry for the confusion.

I’ll try and I’ll let you know if it works