Help with Windows - Android syncing

Hello, I am new to Joplin and I have looked at the documentation and tried searching for my issue but haven't had any luck making it work. I'm trying to set up Joplin to sync using OneDrive and encryption between Windows and Android. Both clients say they are set up fine and I use the same OneDrive account and encryption key but do not see any of each others note content. I do sometimes get a conflict note but don't see any useful info in it. I have it set up on Windows first then Android second and I also tried not enabling encryption on Android because if I understand some documentation I read correctly, you don't set encryption up twice. So in the end I tried both enabling it and not enabling it but no luck.

The folder is showing up in OneDrive. If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it and can offer more info if needed.

Do you have an Microsoft Business Account. In that case you might have logged in accidantely to this instead of your Personal Account. Unfortunately this can happen due to some Limitations in Joplin currently very easily. See Option to re-authenticate with OneDrive

Please, avoid using OneDrive with Joplin. How to switch from Evernote to Joplin.

Thanks. I ended up going with Dropbox and it works fine now.

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I do not have a business account but I ended up switching to Dropbox and it works just fine now. Thanks.