Unable to sync with desktop successfully

I just got a new Moto g phone replace my Pixel 5a. Starting Joplin, it comes up to a new user screen. When I set up the synchronization target as Dropbox an get the sync authorized I hit the synchronization button. The report says it synchronized 33/33 notes, but none show up on the Android (V13). Subsequent synchronizations take only a few seconds with no results.

I have deleted and reinstalled Joplin on the phone. Reset the synchronization target to (the same) Dropbox on both the desktop and phone, but to no avail. Before I have to try another solution (and have to redo all the notes), is there something I am missing as I try to get the Joplin to work on the new phone?

Thanks for any help.


Are you sure your previous phone was fully synced? Do you have the notes elsewhere, in particular on desktop?

Any error in the log?

Are there multiple Joplin folders under "Apps" on dropbox.com? (There have been (if I remember correctly) reports of multiple sync folders being created with some sync targets, though this may not apply to DropBox).

screenshot: A single Joplin folder under apps on Dropbox

Desktop and Tablet were sync'd before phone. Both desktop and tablet are fine.
No error in log other than it saying 33/33 sync'd, but they do not show.

Thanks for your input


There are lots of files and folders in the Dropbox folder (195), but unsure if needed.

Thanks for your input.


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