Joplin not syncing on Android 13 via Dropbox


I have another Joplin sync-related problem, but this time it's on mobile.

What happens is nothing syncs whenever I open my mobile app. I do get notifications on my desktop saying that there were changes made to timecheck .txt files, but there's zero syncing going on and I don't see any changes or recent additions to my notes/notebooks. Usually this process takes just a few seconds.

I'm using a OnePlus Nord CE 2 phone running Android 13. Joplin version is 2.11.32. Syncing via Dropbox. Sync on desktop and tablet works fine.

Please let me know how to fix this, thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

First, double-check that there aren't two Joplin folders on Dropbox (e.g. Joplin (1) and Joplin). If there are, it's possible some devices are syncing to one folder and others to another.

If that's not the case see other common sync issues.

Thanks for responding! :grinning:

I have only one Joplin folder on Dropbox, and I have the latest client version for mobile and never changed my device's time/zone and date. I missed the part about checking sync status though. I got impatient. LOL

What I did eventually was clear both my device data and cache; and then set up the app, encrypt, and sync everything all over again. It worked, and syncing is ongoing.

I hope this doesn't become a regular/recurring problem with Joplin. :frowning_face: I love this app, and I depend on it for both work and personal matters and projects.

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