Sync problems after moving Dropbox folder

Joplin 2.7.13 (prod, win32)
Sync to Dropbox.
1 Windows 10 desktop, 1 Android device.

Sync has been working fine until recent change, which seems to have screwed up the sync, probably compounded by my actions.

I had moved all the data, including the Dropbox folder (which includes the Joplin sync folder), from a secondary disk to another disk (moving Windows user folders for those familiar with those). I first noticed the problem in Joplin because sync wasn't working, so I had to reauthorize Joplin access to Dropbox. I had to do the same for the Android device. Then some of the notes I was working on in Joplin desktop started disappearing. Because I couldn't easily determine which notes were gone, I deleted all notes from Joplin desktop, sync'ed, went to Android, synced. Android device wasn't deleting the notes, so I manually deleted all notebooks/notes there as well.

Then imported all the notes from JEX backups in Joplin desktop. For some reason, Android device is not sync'ing these notes, and shows sync completed with zero notes in Joplin android.

How can I get Joplin android to sync and get all the notes that are in Joplin desktop?

I could create JEX backup from Joplin desktop and start from scratch, though I'm not sure exactly how to do that - uninstall Joplin from both desktop and mobile? Or maybe just uninstall and reinstall mobile app since that's the one where I'm having the problem?

All the notes are successfully uploaded from the Desktop? In this case I would first try to set the sync target on mobile to None and back to Dropbox and if that doesn't help reinstall the app. If the problem still exists, you could re-upload everything from the desktop once again via Tools -> Options -> Syncronisation -> Advanced Settings -> Re-Upload local data to sync target and see if that works.

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Thanks, I ended up following this process described by @dpoulton to start from scratch using JEX backups: How to clean spurious files on server? - #4 by dpoulton

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