Unable to sync to Nextcloud on Windows 11

So, I have a Macbook Pro, and an iPhone, these two devices are synced, and I recently got a laptop with Windows 11, and I tried to sync the notes using the same cloud service (Nextcloud), the same folder/WebDAV URL, same master password, etc. Check synchronisation configuration worked.

I imported the notes from Macbook Pro, using JEX file. And then my Joplin started creating remote files. Why is it uploading all the files again, when the files are imported successfully? Meanwhile, Joplin on my iPhone can't sync, it says:

Cannot acquire exlusive lock because the following clients have a sync lock on the target: .....

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    Joplin 2.8.8 (prod, win32)

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I'm syncing with Nextcloud, using webDav, Synchronisation Target.

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    Windows 11 Pro N

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The import import all the notes from the JEX with a new ID. If you now set up a synchronisation, it will try to merge the local and remote data and you will have a lot of duplicates.
With a new Joplin client, simply set up the Sync and you're done.

So, if I simply set up the sync, Joplin will download the files from the cloud, right? I was thinking about importing from JEX to save time, and Joplin would compare the local files with the files on the cloud... It seems it's not the case...

Thanks for the reply, I will avoid importing if I want to sync for new Joplin clients.


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