Unable to reconnect Joplin to Dropbox

I’ve been a Joplin user for a while, synched with Dropbox and E2EE enabled. Happy all around.

I recently decided to try to use OneDrive synchronization, and it didn’t work. I tried switching back to Dropbox and it didn’t work.

To try and remediate this, I deleted the user settings file (~/.config/joplin-desktop/) and went through the connection process to re-link to Dropbox (getting auth string). It completes, however it doesn’t show any notes.

The export log shows only the headers.

However, I know there’s data here. I have another computer synched to Dropbox and it shows correctly, and also my phone is showing correctly.

What now? My primary desktop is unable to use Joplin and it’s killing me.

I’m using Joplin 1.0.125 on MacOS Mojave (10.14.2)

Update: I figured out the problem, I was authorized in my browser as a different Dropbox account, so that is the account I got the authorization string from. I logged out of that and back into the proper Dropbox account, re-did authorization, and all is well.


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