Trouble installing Joplin on Bodhi


I'm trying to install Joplin on my netbook running Bodhi Linux. (Bodhi is based on Ubuntu LTS and uses the Moksha Desktop (based on Enlightenment).) I ran the script from the Joplin website. It ran without issue until the part where it creates a desktop icon. I got this error.

Create Desktop icon...
NOT DONE. unknown desktop '/usr/share:/usr/share/enlightenment:/usr/local/share:/usr/share/'

When I type joplin in the terminal, it says no such command. Joplin is also not in the menu.

How can I access Joplin?

I believe the error means that the script could not create a desktop icon / menu shortcut for you as it does not recognise Moksha. If you look at the script you will see it checks for gnome, kde, xfce, mate, lxqt, unity, cinnamon, deepin, pantheon and lxde.

The script does not install Joplin in the traditional sense but downloads an AppImage, hence "no such command". The AppImage should be stored in ~/.joplin. If you run that Joplin should work. To get a menu item you will have to use whatever utility Moksha has for manually creating one.

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