How to open Appimage in Linux (Ubuntu 18.4 64bit)

Hi, I updated Joplin via the Appimage on the command line with the code from During installation a message was displayed that no desktop icon was created. I’m new to Linux, so I don’t know how to start it now. With the old version I simply clicked on the start menu, entered “Joplin”, and clicked the Icon that appeared. This doesn’t work: no icon in the menu or on the desktop. How can I start Joplin? Thanks very much!

Found the answer: the file was downloaded into home/.joplin. When I doubleclicked it, I was asked if I want to integrate it in the system. After clicking yes, I now can find it via the start menu again.

Glad you found a solution! This looks like a bug with the Joplin download script (one that I think was introduced by me). Can you tell me which Linux distribution you use? I’ll try to fix this issue today so that you don’t have the same problem when you next update.