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Hi. I sync via WebDAV to Owncloud.

Does anyone has a good concept with trash retention settings?

After many years using Joplin with my own some times, I saw that my backup of the NAS are taking quite long in the owncloud section. On further inspection, I saw that the trash folder (files_trashbin) is cluttered with deleted Joplin files. Mostly timeCheckxxxx and other files used for locking. Talking about ~1.500 files in the joplin folder, and ~20.000 files in the trashbin.

This is annoying since it spams the owncloud trashcan, takes away room for "real" deleted files, and slows down backups.

I don't want to disable the trash feature on owncloud - since Joplin has no trashcan, this is the only way to retreive (accidently) deleted notes.

Does anyone have a good owncloud setting, which handle the deleted files (and also the versioning) well on an Owncloud server?



The slowness issue in Joplin synchronization is a known problem that users discuss. You can see an example discussion on this topic here:

Someone named @JackGruber claimed to synchronize all their notes in 5 to 8 seconds using Webdav. However, he ignored my question about how to set up Webdav. I think either they don't want to explain it or have stopped participating in the forum; I don't know. However, I'm leaving a link below for you to explore this path:

Hi Medullitus. Thanks for the quick answer.
However, I think this is a misunderstanding. I did mean the speed of Joplin sync - this is acceptable to me. My issue is that, since the owncloud trashbin is full with the temporary lock-files and timecheck-files, the backup of the owncloud server is slowed down significantly.

I was asking if somebody has a good setting for owncloud, to exclude all these temporary files from the trash bin.


You're welcome. However, you are still experiencing a slowness issue. Other friends may help you with what causes this slowness and how to resolve it. I just wanted to emphasize that another user who uses Webdav does not experience such a problem. Also, if you have time, it would be great if you could explain how you set up Webdav in a guide format, including topics such as whether you paid any fees, in a separate thread.

Trash support is coming (see Add support for trash by laurent22 · Pull Request #9671 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub, already merged :slight_smile:).

Just for the record, even if you do use the trash feature on OwnCloud, please keep in mind that you can't just restore single MD files from there to recover your notes, as this can lead to unpredictable consequences. You could still open the trashed files and copy the text part of their content back to Joplin manually though.

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