HOWTO: File System Sync?

I have two Linux workstations A and B. Both use ownCloud to sync a series of folders with server C. I have Joplin installed on A and B and the folder 00-Joplin-Sync setup on both workstations. The sync folder is part of the ownCloud sync structure, so files placed their by either A or B will be mirrored.

How do I correctly setup the sync between A and B? I tried creating Joplin notebooks on A and the files showed up in the sync directory just fine, but B didn't see them when I pressed the sync button? :thinking_face:

Do I need to export my Joplin folder tree from A to B to "initialize" the sync process?


Just configure all Joplins to sync to ownCloud directly. Nothing else is needed.

Assuming your notes folder on ownCloud is “Notes/Joplin”, select “nextCloud” as sync method, and url “http:///remote.php/webdav/Notes/Joplin”.
Fill in your username and password and you’re all set.

I would, except my ownCloud instance is running on Nginx, whose WebDAV implementation doesn’t seem to work with Joplin currently.

I don't know about ownCloud specifically, but I run the fork, NextCloud, behind a nginx server and it works fine. Might be OC-specific. :woman_shrugging:

OwnCloud on Nginx should indeed work fine. It’s only when using the WebDAV module of Nginx itself that it doesn’t work.

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