Toolbar with "Only icons"?

It is possible to have an option to display the toolbar using only icons?

Right now the text it is quite distorted and I don’t need the text at all:

An “only icons” toolbar will be much better.

Thank you.

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If you make the window a bit smaller, the text should be gone.

Does the toolbar support a right click and a context menu? On macOS there’s usually a context menu with a few options. Not sure how easy it would be to implement this. On the other side, maybe someone wants to add this for hacktoberfest. If you want this in Joplin, that is.

Would be nice for the toolbar to follow the system style (running KDE with icons only toolbar style). I use Joplin maximized so making the window smaller isn’t an ideal solution for me.
Nevertheless, Thanks for the hard work.

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If your specific distro has a package available for Joplin, you should be able to get ahold of its maintainer. Despite Joplin not being able to support all of the different DE available, many package management systems allow for UI tweaks like this.

(For the OP’s comment): If you’d like to hide these at every size, you can update userchrome.css to include:

.header .title {
    display: none !important;

Yes, it is working this way, but unfortunately I do need to have a larger window to accommodate all the three columns (Notebooks, Notes list and the note content).

It is possible to make the small toolbar icons only mode to appear also when using a bigger window? The text it is unnecessary after a few uses, you already know what it is doing any icon!


The suggestion by @uxamanda works well

I use it and it results in Joplin looking like this

I do tried already your suggestion but unfortunately it is not working with Joplin v1.0.194 for MacOS.

userchrome.css not userstyle.css.

userchrome modifies the app whereas userstyle modifies the viewer

Oh, yeah! Thank you Sir! Now it is working. Seems that I edited by mistake the wrong file!

Thanks. This made my day. Relieved from my mild OCD :joy: