Toolbar, Notes Pane - Suggestions, Enhancements

Thank you for a wonderful application. Here are some suggestions that I wanted to share (screenshot attached for clarity)


  1. please show the Font Color button by default (other buttons shown in the screenshot since there is a lot of space)
  2. swap 4 H1, H2, H3, H4 buttons for 2 font increase/decrease buttons (H4 not shown)
  3. please Add the indent buttons
  4. please Add the date format DD MMM YYYY

Notes Pane:
5) please Add the Date, Timestamp for notes
6) Merge the New Note and New to-do buttons to save space
7) Increase the width of the Search bar

I found a somewhat related feature request below, if these points are already covered please excuse this request. Request 17372

Using Joplin for Desktop

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