Too much resource usage

This is just general feedback.

I've found that after a time, the resource usage of Joplin is too high, my computer cannot handle it.

Back to the drawing board for me, I think I'll be going back to my old method of just using a spreadsheet to manually make an index of all the files and contents of each.

I do think Joplin is an excellent app, and for free I am definitely not complaining, but even with 16 gb ram, I just don't have a good enough computer to handle it.

I'm just posting for the sake of giving feedback in case it tips the scales in favor of a new direction of inquiry, programming.

Thank you!


I have many notes and tags and no resource problem on my three computers.
My computer has been running for 4 days with Joplin 2.10.4 active.

But I don't use dozens of plugins, because some plugins are also responsible for increased system resource requirements.

So the question is what is too high? Are plugins used? If so, does this also occur without plugins?

My Joplin is jam-packed with plugins, and I'm seeing well less than 300MB of RAM usage on my main laptop. I even have an instance running on a 14yo dual-core laptop with no performance issues.

Among others, I use Joplin on an Intel Atom tablet with just 2GB of RAM. I wouldn't be surprised if these were the lowest specs around here (except for from maybe some older Android phones). Honestly, apart from a slow startup, it actually runs fine when it comes to general responsivity, switching notebooks and notes, etc. I do not use any plugins on that device though.