High CPU usage in 2.0.4?

I'm using Linux Mint Ubuntu 20.1 and trying out Joplin 2.0.4. The htop command reports very high CPU usage (>25%, sometimes going up to 100%) often in Joplin, which I typically keep open. It causes my computer to seem nonresponsive and frozen/slow. Memory usage also seems high (I have ~12 GB of RAM).

I don't think this problem was occurring previously in Joplin 1.8.5.

Anything ideas on how to remedy or additional details to provide?

Anything in logs? I am running Joplin built from sources, so roughly the same as 2.0.4, also on Mint and I'm not seeing any significant CPU usage.

How big is your notes database?
Which plugins do you have - maybe try disabling them.

My notes database is ~ 3 GB total ... about 11,000 notes

The following plugins are installed:

  • Copy link to active note v.1.0.1
  • Favorites v.1.2.1
  • Hotfolder v.0.4.0
  • Note Tabs v.1.3.0
  • Resource Search Plugin v.0.1.1
  • Simple Backup v.0.5.3

In the log, I see numerous DEPRECATION NOTICEs referencing the plugins whereby joplin.settings.registerSetting() is deprecated in favour of joplin.settings.registerSettings() [note plural in the latter].

I will try to observe the problem and capture the log files more contemporaneously ... I was looking back through a lot of the log file without knowing when the problem had arisen.


This should not be a problem.

This, however... Can you try disabling it?

Okay ... thanks for the tip. I've disabled this plugin for now and will see if the problem recurs.

Was this a sketchy plugin? It looks like it might no longer be maintained or available.

Thanks so much!

As the author of the said plugin I can confirm it's extremely sketchy. Or rather not very well tested, especially with rather large databases like yours.

Were you using it often? My impression was it was not used much so I have been neglecting it.

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First -- thanks for developing the plugin at all. It's really the ecosystem around these apps that inspires/motivates people like me to try them out and migrate years of experience (with Evernote, in my case) to Joplin, knowing that it's an early stage for this app.

Tbh, I've probably used your plugin only a little. I wasn't sure how dependent I was on this type of search when I transitioned from Evernote, where OCR and in-attachment search are a given. I was concerned about trying to replicate/maintain my workflow.

Well, thanks very much for your assistance and your contributions!

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