Thousands of attachment conflicts after import from ENEX

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Joplin 2.13.15 (prod, win32)

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I have been testing Joplin as a replacement for Evernote. Both previous tests (Nov 2023 and early Jan 2024) worked well, with synching to my Android devices over Dropbox being very efficient.

As my Evernote subscription expires on Feb. 6, I did final exports to ENEX and imported to HTML files as I did with my early January tests. I also updated Joplin:

Joplin 2.13.15 (prod, win32)
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 44
Keychain Supported: Yes
Revision: 7d2c1c0

After the imports, I was surprised to find that there were over 4 thousand "Attachment conflict:" notes in a notebook called "Conflicts (attxachments)".

The "What is a conflict article" says "A conflict happens when one note or one attachment is modified in two different places, and then synchronised. In that case, it is not possible to determine which version of the note or attachment you want to keep, and thus a conflict is generated."

My conflicts were generated during an import so I don't beleive the conflict resolution plugin will be useful.

Any ideas on what happened and how to fix this?

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Anyone have ideas on how to fix my issue with the attachment conflicts that were generated when I imported from Evernote ENEX files?



One possible reason is whenever importing an ENEX file, any resource will have the same ID as in the ENEX file. So if you import it multiple times, you would have duplicate IDs, and if some of it has been synced it could lead to conflicts I guess.

Your best options would be to start over - delete your profile, reimport everything and sync. If that doesn't work please post back here

Thanks Laurent. I searched in Help for "delete profile" and found lots on support for multiple profiles ... but nothing on how to delete my profile:



I found this post How can I delete a profile (How can i delete a profile).

However, I didn't find a directory that began with profile- nor a profiles.json file in C:\Users\john.config\joplin-desktop:

So I'm still looking for info on how to delete my profile!



I think under the Help menu there's an option to open the profile folder?

Thanks @laurent. Yes, there is a link to Open profile directory on the Help menu:

That is how I got the screenshot in C:\Users\john.config\joplin-desktop:

I just don't know what to do next: what I see in C:\Users\john.config\joplin-desktop doesn't match the information in How can I delete a profile (How can i delete a profile).

Thanks for some guidance on this.


joplin-desktop is the folder you need to delete

I have exactly the same problem, and I created a profile and imported everything again, same thing, lots of conflicts on attachments. :frowning:

I suspect that the attachment conflicts are the same as the original files. As such, it might be sufficient to delete the "Conflicts (attachments)" folder (just be sure to keep the original ENEX files, should something go wrong!).

Conflicts generally happen when two notes or resources have been changed in two different places. Joplin then keeps both versions of the note or resource and puts one in the "Conflicts (attachments)" folder.

In this case, if

  1. computer A imports from example.enex,
  2. computer A syncs with Dropbox,
  3. computer B imports from the same example.enex, and
  4. computer B syncs with Dropbox, then

I suspect that Joplin on computer B sees that Dropbox already has resources with the same ID. Perhaps because these resources were not last updated by computer B, Joplin marks them as conflicts, storing both copies of each resource that's already on Dropbox.

Assuming all conflicting resources came from importing the same Evernote data, both copies of the resources should be the same. (Thus, it should be safe to delete the copy within the conflicts folder).

@dotty37 - as @laurent mentioned, I deleted joplin-desktop in C:\Users\john.config.

I have imported most of my ENEX files and have not had any notes in Conflicts (attxachments) so far. Compare that to over 4,000!



Im on Mac, where would the .config file be?

Thanks @personalizedrefriger. I'm not sure about the import issues @dotty37 is having. In my case, all imports were on my primary Windows 10 desktop computer.

From the explanation by @laurent it seems as if my Joplin profile needed to be deleted before I did the import 10 days ago (the previous import was in mid-January.

Not sure, I'll let someone who knows Joplin on Mac answer that one.

FYI, I found the profile folder link on the Help menu:

I went to the menu "Help | Open Profile Directory" and it took me to my user folder (inside the root) and in there there was a .config folder with everything inside.
That folder doesn't get deleted when Joplin app is removed from the Mac (even with some Uninstallers that I have), so I manually deleted the whole thing and installed it again. I just imported the backup again (which I had in .jex format), it did import fine, without the conflicts, now I am syncing to my Nextcloud (WebDAV) instance, because the last time I saw the conflicts was after I synced with my Nextcloud and then synced also my iPhone (running the Joplin app) . I will report here later today.

Solved it for me, I basically deleted the apps on both, my iPhone and my PC (I previously exported all the notes to my HDD), I also deleted the .config folder form my mac (after removing the Joplin app). Then I installed Joplin on my Mac, imported the notes, synced to my Nextcloud instance with WebDAV, and then synced my iPhone. Looks like all the conflicts dissapeared.
I will wait for a couple of days, simulating some change son both devices and then I will report back here.
Thanks for the advise guys.

So far so good, no conflicts anymore.

Deleting my profile did work, I was able to import my Evernote ENEX files without any notes ending up in Conflicts (attachments). Thanks to everyone who helped out!

@laurent I would suggest having a Help article that explains how to delete a profile on each Joplin platform.

Thanks again,


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