Now have Conflicts. And all my notebooks are gone

Operating system


Joplin version


Desktop version info

Joplin 3.0.11 (prod, darwin)

Client ID: 0392f308fde2408da9fe834bb884885c
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 47
Keychain Supported: No

What issue do you have?

I don't know what to do with the "Conflicts". I don't have my notebooks. And I'm not able to do anything with this iapp right now


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Wish to add one more comment. When I first began using Joplin - it was quite easy to make notes and to create notebooks for them. The web clipper was wonderful. Writing with markdown was fast and great.
Then all of my notes and notebooks disappeared. And I'm not able to open Joplin for making new notes or using web clipper.

I assume you are syncing this with other clients - are your notes still correct on them?

Hi Daeraxa_____

I have not been syncing with other clients other than Joplin. I did try to sync with Dropbox when I first installed Joplin. But I could never get that to work.

Now my Joplin is ‘frozen’ as shown in the image I sent to you today. I have no notebooks, I cannot open Joplin to write new notes. I cannot do anything with it now.

Grateful for your help. I’d sure love to be able to use Joplin again!

You haven't got a sync target set up at all? The box in the bottom left of your screenshot shows a sync completion event and conflicts should never appear unless you have a sync target set up - the conflicts folder is to show clashes between the state of your client and the target.

Can you post your log files? (How to enable debugging | Joplin)
If you can't use the options in the app then the profile directory should be ~/.config/joplin-desktop

Hi Daeraxa___

I apologize for my lack of tech savy.

I think I had a sync trarget set up with my Dropbox when I first began working with Joplin. I paid a small fee (maybe $5 to be able to use this sync). I wanted to be able to synch with my iPad. But I could never get it to work at all on iPad. I did continue to work beautifully on my mac. I could use the Joplin web clipper and loved how it improved my work. But then I went into the time where I could no longer get in to Joplin at all.

That is when I decided to sign up for the Joplin Cloud. I thought this might be able to get me back in to Joplin. And with the very recent help from the Joplin Team and am able to get back in to Joplin in limited way. What I have now where I cannot create any notes. I only see Conflicts. I do not have the regular left hand side bar at all.

And I do not have the tech skill to understand what you want me to do. I do not understand

Can you post your log files? (How to enable debugging | Joplin)
If you can't use the options in the app then the profile directory should be ~/.config/joplin-desktop

When I first started using Joplin there was a ‘learning curve’ for me. But your Forum and online hlep was good to get me going. I could create notebooks. Write Project reports. Use the Web-clipper. It all seemed to work fine. I helped us with our work - teaching online to students in Thailand. We’ve been doing this in and to Thailand since 2011.

I would love it if I could get back to the Joplin I was working so well with for the last few months. What can I do to get there.

And right now, for the next month, we are moving to a new location. So I do not have much time to work on Joplin. I’d love to get Joplin back today. But maybe I should wait for one month - when we will be set up in our new home - and try Joplin again then.

I really love Joplin. It is a great PKM system- the best I’ve seen. But it seems to be too much for me. Thanks for listening to my crying….

old joe

It sounds like something has gone a bit wrong on the sync side - maybe the data on the target, whatever it is set to, got purged and this ended up happening but I don't know why you wouldn't still be able to use the app itself. Can you still click on things and read your existing notes if you go into that conflicts folder? Is the note list just hidden? (View > Toggle note list / F11).

You just need to follow the instructions in that link, you can ignore the stuff about the console, it is the log.txt that we need. It should actually already have one even without the flags.txt.

The bit I mentioned was only if you weren't able to interact with Joplin at all and is just the direct link to where your Joplin data is stored.