Thoughts on Web clipping html (mhtml/jpg/pdf support)

Would it be possible to clip websites using mhtml, and rendering the mhtml in app?

New user here, I was exploring around using the app and clipped a couple of html files, along with some other notes. I liked the ability to clip html as it allows to collect certain ideas and to review them in their original context, where one might miss out if just selectively clipping. (Of course one can revisit the link again but websites tend to disappear over time....)

One thing that I was a bit taken aback was with the little amount of notes that I have, (about 10) Joplin was syncing 300 plus files.... (I can see hundreds of .md file synced to my nextcloud WebDAV). I then realised that this is probably because all those small images in the html as synced as small files. Do correct me if I am wrong....

Other ideas is to clip as a scrolling image to capture all items as a JPEG or PDF where one can annotate on the file using an external editor.

On a side note, sync was a little bit slow using WebDAV, but switching to Joplin server has provided much better sync speeds.

Would also like to take the opportunity to thank @laurent for the fabulous app. Compared to Evernote where I came from the experience using Joplin has been very smooth and I like where the app is heading and how much emphasis is given to its core functionalities.

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