This note has no history

Apparently I don’t understand note history…

I created a new note using the Windows Desktop app and then synchronized it via WebDAV to my Synology server.

I then made 2 edits, synchronizing after each edit. After 3 synchronizations I selected Note Properties, Note History/Previous versions of this note… and got “This note has no history”.

I have note history enabled/keep for 90 days.

What am I doing wrong?

A heuristic is used to determine whether a new snapshot of the note is created. It has to do with with the time that has passed since the last edit and the number of bytes that were added to the note.

Laurent can tell you the exact algorithm.

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Yes. I made minor edits. Now a day later, I have a note history populated.

When viewing notes, it would be nice to see an icon change where note history exists. But this is helpful as is.

Thanks for your reply.