Deleting Individual Note History

I looked around, but I couldn't find anything on this. If I missed, it feel free to point me to where this is covered.

Is is possible to delete the not history for an individual note?
In general I want to keep the note history, but sometime I want to clear it for a specific note. Is there a way to do this?

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As far as I can tell, it's not implemented.
Can you share under which circumstances this might be useful ? May be there is a work-around ?

So I had a note where on one device the attachment wouldn't sync. I didn't really need the attachment, so I deleted it, but I also don't need the history. The final version was really all I cared about. So I was hoping that if I could clear the history that it would remove all the associated attachments from the history of all the devices, as that seems to be the only way to manage attachments.

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Just my 2 bits, the most efficient way to do this is go to your desktop device, -> tools -> note attachments, and delete what's not needed any longer (in particular if it's big). Upon next sync it's deleted from all devices too.


Thanks. Didn't realize that was there in the Desktop app.

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