The specified item does not exist

Hello Support,
unfortunately I did not find anything suitable in the FAQ's.
I am using Joplin version 2.1.8 on Windows 10.
When synchronizing I get the error message:
"the specified item does not exist".
This aborts the synchronization.
Caused by a too large mp4 attachment.
I have tried to delete this attachment. This does not bring any success.
Can anyone please give me a helpful hint?

To get the best possible help you might want to specify what your Sync target is and maybe upload the sync log.

but of course - the target is OneDrive
Where can I find the sync log? - I found the log!! :wink:
Thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile: (1.8 MB)

I have a master question

Do I have the option in a safe way (Is export md one of those) to backup my data, reload Joplin on Windows 10 and then import the data again?

Will this fix my problem?

Use a JEX Export/Import.
Export all > JEX

The tip was unfortunately not the right one and the result is meager
Before you gave me the tip, had you also read my previous message?
I am a little discouraged!!

Yes, but your question was how you can export/import the data.

You are right, of course. I assumed that the answer to a question would be approached in its complexity as a whole.
Basically, it seems that anyone can answer here at any time and if someone does not feel like it, then he simply does not answer anymore.
Too bad, because that's how half results come about.
However, this should not happen in the paid version.

I have over many hours of work the solution hinbekommen and thank you for the help.

Greetings Sammy

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