Synchronization not working - OneDrive

Joplin 1.0.179 (prod, darwin), macOS 10.14.6

After upgraded from 1.0.178 to 1.0.179, the ‘synchronize’ button cannot be clicked (is disabled), making changes cannot be sync’ed to my OneDrive. As for testing purpose, I switched to dropbox and OneDrive (test), upon saving such config changes the sync button is enabled and I can do sync.

Looks like a bug to me for the OneDrive option.

What should I do now?

I copy an explanation by @tessus from another thread:
" First, please backup your notes: Export -> JEX .

Then close Joplin and delete the profile directory. The profile dir can be found in Preferences (the General tab) - Notes and settings are stored in: xxxx"

If you are on Windows you find the Joplin directory in %userprofile%\.config. After that start Joplin and authenticate with your OneDrive. You should not switch synchronization targets when something is not working, this makes things worse.

I have a lot of notes. Should I do Export - RAW Joplin export directory or `Export - JSON Joplin export directory’ instead?

I think JEX is a better choice. And you will probably not need the backup if the synchronization was working until the upgrade and you didn't change anything on your pc.

Just to be clear, with Export - JEX I have to export one note at a time?

If you use (from the top menu) File > Export > JEX - Joplin backs up everything.

Right click a single notebook or a single note and > Export > JEX backups up that single notebook etc.

Im having the exact the same issue with 1.0.179. The only difference is that I’m running Fedora 31.
Anyone other suggestions to solve the sync Onedrive issue except from exporting?

I have deleted the AppImage en reinstalled it again. Without any luck…

Exporting is just for backup, if you’re sure your OneDrive is up to date you can skip it.
On Linux, the folder is ~/.config/joplin-desktop.

Sync with onedrive also completely fails for me even from a clean start and the initial 4 notes (the sync button seems not to do anything). Changing target to dropbox worked fine.