The Problem of Inability to "Sorting" in All Notes

Dear Joplin Team,

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that Joplin application does nearly perfect work but has simple errors. There is a saying in Turkish: "To drown in a creek after crossing the ocean." Unfortunately, some errors and deficiencies in the Joplin application fit this description.

As you know, we can have custom sorting for each notebook, and that's really great! But there is a flaw. Such a setting cannot be made in All Notes. Why? When this setting is already available and can be done for all notebooks, why hasn't this option been added to All Notes? Is it technically impossible to add such a feature? But you've already done it for other "all" notebooks?

"In summary," you are telling the user, "we have added such an option for each notebook, but not for All Notes. If you want a change in All Notes, you have to change the sorting in dozens of notebooks one by one." Isn't this a perfect simplicity?

Whatever I write, my topics are being ignored. Since that's the case, there's no need for developers to take offense. Perhaps those with enough coding knowledge to create a plugin can fix this "shortcoming" on your behalf. Because you're not giving any reason to think otherwise.

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By "custom sorting" do you mean manual sorting by drag and dropping notes, or that per-notebook sorting option that shows up when right clicking a notebook?

I mean the 'Toggle own sort order' option. I think it corresponds to what you mentioned secondly. Actually, I have the first one in mind as well, but that's another topic.

You can check the two topics I opened related to this matter:

Very strange paragraph, my dear creek explorer. You are not ignored, reading your inputs is given the same priority as anybody else's - about 1/100. Implementing your personal needs the same - about 1/10,000

Creek explorers remain indifferent by resorting to silence in the face of topics revealing application errors. I am a Joplin user; there should be more to it than just a number on paper.