Applying separate sorting settings for each notebook


As it currently stands, when we activate alphabetical sorting for one notebook, it affects all notes within all notebooks. Can we have the ability to set sorting preferences individually for each notebook?

For example, I want notes within the "a" notebook to be sorted alphabetically, notes within the "b" notebook to be sorted in a custom order, and notes within the "c" notebook to be sorted based on the update time. Is it possible to implement this feature?


On desktop, right-click a notebook and click the Toggle own sort order menu item if it's unchecked. While that notebook is selected, toggling the sort order will only apply for that notebook.


Thank you very much! It worked.

Hello Muzak,

I hope you're well. I have a question related to the topic. Is it possible to arrange the order of notes only in the "All Notes" section in Joplin? Because there is no right-click menu available for "All Notes." I couldn't find a way to do this when I searched. It would be great if you could provide information on this matter. Thank you!

Not that I know of. An existing workaround is setting the sort order of all other notebooks, but that can easily become tedious.

This feature has been requested elsewhere:

Dear Muzak,

I'll skip the question of why there isn't such a setting for "All Notes." Actually, it suits me a bit because the notes in the tags are not alphabetical but based on the update date. So, I can see both alphabetical and update order at the same time. But guess what? I encountered another bug. I set "All Notes" as you suggested. However, at the same time, I want to check the "Reverse Sort Order" option because I want to see the most recently edited note at the top. But guess what happens. Even if "Toggle own sort order" is checked in some notebooks, some notes are affected by the "Reverse Sort Order" setting and they start sorting from "Z" instead of "A." I opened the support topic below about this bug:

Related, not exactly answering your posts : I am missing a general menu command to reset all "toggle own sort order" settings for all notebooks.

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Yes, a truly nice suggestion. I guess I should leave it to you to open a thread for this :slight_smile: