Sorting or Reordering Notebooks

Is it possible to sort or organize the notebooks? I cannot find any way to reorder them. I just started to use Joplin and really like it. Reordering or sorting the notebooks is my only issue I’ve run into after a week of trying it out. Thanks in advance and keep up the great work!


It’s not currently possible, but there’s an open thread about it on GitHub.

Ah, not sure if it would be possible to add sorting the notebooks in alphabetic order? Or where is that discussion on Github? I didn't find it. :slight_smile:

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I began using Joplin today, because I want to move away from MS Onenote. Everything looked great until I started creating notebooks to copy all of my notes & work over…

In one case, I have 25 sub notebooks under 1 master project notebook and they are arranged in a particular order. Not being able to arrange them as I want to - but being confined to only alphabetical or last modified - is a showstopper for me. And that’s just 1 project, ignoring all my personal notebooks and other projects & study logs.

I’d still like to make the switch in the future though, so I’ll keep an eye on Github to see if this is ever reworked.

Apart from this limitation, it’s a great program!

For now, you can always number your notebooks and they’ll appear in the order you want. For example:

00. Project A
10. Project B
20. Project C

Just leave a gap between each number so that you can insert notebooks if needed without having to re-number everything.


Good suggestion.

Even better might be to number in multiples of 2, 4, 8, 16,....:


And of course, leave the first entry blank :slight_smile:


Someone once mentioned pr for the vscode plugin to implement it, but I have never used this feature (´-ι_-`)