No Custom order for "sort notebooks by"

Dear team,

I found that if you can add a custom order for " sort notebooks by " it will be very helpful to sorting the notebooks according to the user wish. same like “sort notes by” Feature.


I totally agree, it is a very very important feature. Now I have to prefix my notebooks with numbers to sort them by the order I need. Lots of people need to sort their notebooks logically, according the topic they are working on. In my case Creation or Update date are both uesless. Please please add this feature. You already did great and quick jumps with the WYSIWIG editor, the Audio and video playback support and of course the great and long-awaited searh filter. So please remain on the same track and this little feature :slight_smile:

Is this feature on the radar @laurent ? Please say yes, please

I find this issue very interesting. I have a great many notes for various interests and I use multiple notebooks. to help keep organized. All of them, with the exception of Joplin, has folder/notebook sorting as a main feature. Yet, Joplin for some reason determines that it is either too difficultor not possible.

Perhaps this is an indicator that Joplin doesn't fit in my library..

@jake7363 welcome to the forum.

Joplin lets you sort notebooks and notes. The settings are under the "view" menu.


or were you referring to something else?

I, and Rakesh6927 are talking about the 'custom order', which is not possible for notebooks (Title and Update date are the only options). We need to be able to organize the notebooks by draging them up and down. This feature is possibel for notes, but not notebooks

@osman I did realise that, it's just that @jake7363 stated,

All of them, with the exception of Joplin, has folder/notebook sorting as a main feature.

Which is a bit broader than the topic you were discussing.

For now, you can always number the notebooks and sort by title. Not ideal but it's something you can do now rather than waiting for someone to implement the feature. It's not high on the priority list as there are things like spell checking or OCR first which have been requested way more times.

No poblem @laurent, I'm already living with it just as you described: prefixing notebook names with numbers. I totally agree with you, the OCR and spell checking are way more important.

Thanks for all your work, and all the team.. keep it up

P.S. I'm not a programmer, will I be able to use the plugins easily when they start to be availalbe, now that their framework is available in Joplin? Hope so
Thanks agin.

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Yes eventually there should be some way to find a plugin, for example on a GitHub repo, and install it without having to compile anything. You just download it and it's loaded when the app starts.

Awsome.. Thanks a million Laurent

@laurent Are there plans to implement this feature any time soon?