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TextExpander not working in Joplin in Windows 10

TextExpander seems to work in all my apps (including Notepad ++ & Typora) except Joplin (version 1.0.193) in Windows. It does, however, work in Joplin (1.0.193) on my Mac.

As a workaround, I’ve been using the “Edit in external editor” function, but I’d rather keep things simple and “live” in Joplin when I’m typing up something.

I realize this is not a critical issue, but so much of my workflow is “muscle memory” and/or habit, so when I type a snippet I’ve used thousands of times yet in this one app (Joplin) it won’t expand, it’s disruptive.

I keep thinking there’s an obvious reason for this that I’m overlooking. Any help is appreciated.

Additionally, text expansion does work on note titles, but not in the note itself.