Using joplin as a daily notebook

Hi everyone, I found Joplin by searching for a notebook that supports tags , can be orginized by topics and can provide option to insert pictures. in other words, I was looking for an alternative to Evernote, and that is what all the articles says in th Web. but the matter is that I am a teacher, not a programmer, and working in Joplin is a disaster for me, it takes a lot of time to write down an ordinary note, and when I need to do it quickly it is not possible for me at all.
So, is there any way to use Joplin in the mode of old-fashioned Text editor, not in Markdown format ? just to write down smth when i need to, without constantly lookin in the web how to code text allign and so on ? :laughing:

@ivanivanov4224, Joplin uses Markdown as its main backend and there’s not really anyway to not have it there. There is an experimental WYSIWYG editor frontend being worked on but I think it still uses markdown some. Haven’t tested it out yet, but it definitely is supposed to help there.

What kind of devices are you going to be taking notes on?

I think 99% of the time you can ignore markdown and just write plain text and it will come out fine.

Though I too sometimes wish for “Joplin Lite” with all non-essential (for me) features like Memaid diagrams, embedded Youtube videos, or katex stripped.

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You can already disable Mermaid diagrams and katex in Tools->Options->Plugins

PS: I don’t know what you mean with embedded Youtube videos.

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I know. I wonder when it's disabled does it have any overhead. Probably not.


@desk7, @rishabh.malhotra is working on adding video embedding here. Interesting stuff. Ha


greetings everyone, thanks for your replies

well, the reason I cant just begin writing plain text is that from start I face that clumsy rough font, and also the text itself gets overloaded with unwanted symbols like # , - - , {{ and others

yes, the box on the right gives the final clean result but with such approach the workspace is too overflown. moreover, I still cant go against putting # to make a title, putting “align” to place the text the way I want, and finally I cant even change the size of the picture, only with experimental mode !! besides, iven when I put

parameter, the picture of course moves but STILL leans more to left part of the page, leaving unproportional blanc area in the right part of the page. no even mention that to insert the picture I have to keep the code somewhere in the clipboard

anyway I see that the program is composed with quality, I see the strong community, so maybe its just a developers-oriented app to perform all your CSS and other stuff, but I need smth where I can easily take notes in a classical “wordpad” manner and sort it by tags, insert pictures and adjust its size, so all I should do is delete it and seach further

as I said before, the app itself is cool, I just get confused with the description in the web

for those who also need a strong “neo-classic” notepad I reccomend “simple notes” and “Standard Notes” , the best Ive found yet