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Testing 1.0.209 Drag and drop


I’m testing version 1.0.209 with Win 10 Pro.

I oftern use drag and drop e.g. Outlook 2016. In the new version of Joplin I have an issue in the mark down editor.


Dragging an e-mail (holding CTRL key form copy)

I have following result



in new new version 1.0.216 the drag and drop still have the same issue.


Hi @Marvin

Could you please clarify what issue you are reporting here? It is not clear whether it is that:

  • The attachment does not appear at the cursor position but at the top of the note
  • That the first - Test does not appear as a bullet (it’s tab indented so is treated as <pre>)
  • That the text at the “second” bullet point appears
  • Something else

I am not a developer myself but I understand that it is far easier for them to assess something like this if they have a really clear picture of any issue being reported.

Hi @dpoulton,

I have following issues:

When I use drag and drop the attachment will always be inserted on the top of the note and not on the position I wanted to put it in.
When dragging mails (in my case from Outlook) to Joplin, the message will be inserted at the top of the note and the “description” of the mail on the wanted position.

Before dragging an e-mail to Joplin:

After dragging an e-mail to Jopllin, the mail should be inserted at the cursor position:

I hope this wil clarify it a bit.


As I said I am not a developer myself but in order to assist those who are I have tried this on my system.

I do not use Outlook, I use Thunderbird. When I drag an email into a note the resouce link also appears at the top of the note regardless of the cursor position. However in my case no metadata appears at the cursor position (with or without CTRL).

Additionally, ANY file I drag and drop into a note appears at the top of the note and not at the cursor position. As this is a feature I rarely use I cannot recall if drag and drop has previously resulted with the resource link being placed at the cursor position or not.

There was a GitHub issue (#3200) regarding attaching files. It’s closed now but still being updated regarding the problem you have encountered with the “drop position” within the note, so I assume that the dropped file used to appear at the cursor location…