Attachments behavior change in Win32 1.0.216

I frequently insert .eml messages as attached files in Joplin to track important communications. I drag the email from Outlook to the desktop, then from the desktop to Joplin to insert. Klunky, but it works. Prior to Win32 1.0.216 (or possibly the version before) if I had this:

Big Client

  • Emailed Jim with details of meeting: ^

With the cursor at the “^” if I dragged my email from the desktop, it would insert at the ^ (or at the line below, behavior varied). Point is, it inserted the email where my cursor was.

Now if I drag an email over, it inserts at the top of the note regardless of where my cursor is located. I can, of course, cut’n’paste, but its inconvenient and particularly disruptive when a day’s notes may be several hundred lines long. I’d just like to have the behavior back where it was a few versions ago, or at least understand why the change was made if its intentional.

I’d love it if you had an outlook clipper, but I understand that’s a feature request (and probably a tricky one) and this is a problem report.


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Similar issue also reported

I believe this issue will happen with any file that is inserted using drag and drop. It seems to be a regression with the updated note editor components. I’m sure the behavior can be restored.

Yes, CalebJohn, it does occur with any insertion via drag and drop.

Any news on when this will be corrected?

There are a small number of issues with the current code editor in Joplin that exist because of the editor we use. We’ve been looking at switching it out for another editor for awhile now and that one is almost ready for release, should be available in the next couple of versions.
If you want to try it out now, you can toggle it under Tools -> Options -> Note -> Codemirror
Just a warning that it is still in beta and might have a couple of bugs.